People seeing me engaged in my photography might wonder about my approach--Usually wielding a 100mm macro lens, I could be kneeling in front of the blinking lights on my washing machine, sitting in a streambed or bending over a washbasin filled with dirty garden gloves. I strive to discover unique perspectives of the commonplace and glean images from unexpected sources. I also enjoy challenging traditional concepts of photography. When someone asks "What IS that?" or says my photographs look like paintings, I've achieved my aim. It excites me to think I may capture something that will only happen once, ever, or reveal something so small or obscure it might otherwise escape notice. And therein lies the philosophical underpinning of my work--We can learn eternal truths from a single second and discover the cosmos in a few square inches.


With a varied art background that includes music, writing, film and textiles, Evelyn started pursuing self-education in photography in 2011. She developed a specialty in macro photography, which led her to her first solo show in 2013 at the Grady Alexis Gallery in Manhattan. Her photographs have also been used to create fabrics for fashion design. Evelyn's passion for the arts and her eagerness to explore new media are also expressed through emerging interests in drawing, painting, collage and small-scale sculpture. She splits her time between Manhattan and a rural environment in upstate New York.

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